Telstra Speed Test is an accurate and reliable internet speed-checking tool. It is designed for Telstra ISP’s users. Our intelligent tool not only shoes download & upload speeds, but it also calculates ping and jitter.

Telstra Speed Test Tool

The great thing about the Telstra NBN speed test is that it’s easy to use. It calculates your internet speed with only one click. It takes a few seconds to complete.

Main features of Telstra Net speed tool

Several key features make the Telstra speed test tool stand out:


Our tool is 100% accurate and reliable. It will give you an accurate measure of your current speeds.


You can use this tool as often as you like, and it won’t cost you a cent.

Compatible with all browsers

This tool can be used on any browser, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

Speed Tests by country

How do we calculate your internet speed?

We run a series of tests to determine how fast data can be downloaded and uploaded from your computer. The speed of this process lets us understand the performance of your connection. The entire process takes less than, and once it’s done, you’ll be given your results in megabits per second (Mbps).

Telstra Speed Test
This is how the result will be shown to you.

Can non-Telstra users also check the speed of their internet?

The short answer is yes. While the Telstra speed test is designed specifically for Telstra users, anyone can use it to test their internet speeds. This includes people on other broadband providers, such as Exetel, Aussie broadband, etc. Follow the same steps as above, and you’ll be able to see how your speeds compare. However, keep in mind that the test results may not be entirely accurate for non-Telstra users.

Average Speed of Telstra internet connection calculated by our tool in last 3 months

Download speed:34Mb/s
Upload Speed39 MB/s

FAQs about Telstra Internet speed test

How long does the test take to complete?

The test takes just a few seconds to complete. Sometimes, the time for the test can increase due to server loads.

How accurate is the Telstra Speed test?

This test is 100% accurate and will give you a good indication of your internet performance.

Can I use this test if I’m not using Telstra?

You can use the test even if you’re not with Telstra. However, please remember that the results may not be entirely accurate.

I’m getting slow speeds; What can I do?

If you’re getting slow speeds, the first thing you should do is speak to Telstra. They may be able to help you fix the issue or upgrade your plan.